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Quality and traceability

We are the production chain

Maximum traceability and freshness for all our products.
Campisi Citrus is the only Sicilian processing industry that operates on a closed-supply chain.
From the certified plant nursery to the transformation and packaging, the company owns every step of the production. Campisi Citrus represents the final point of production with the transformation of fresh products into juices, essential oils, slices and wedges, pulp and zests.

HA of organic lands


Lemon trees


Orange trees


Syracuse Lemon PGI


We have been working the land and picking up the fruits for four generations

Campisi OPAC


OPAC, the holding company, is a leading firm in the agricultural segment with specific know how in the production of citrus and vegetables.
Campisi OPAC operates in the national and international markets since the early Sixties.

According to tradition

Hand-picking process

Lemons and oranges are hand-picked according to tradition. Moreover, the transportation to the nearby factory takes place in plastic crates to keep the organoleptic properties of the peel intact.

This process allows for the production of high quality essential oils. Immediately after the harvesting, the citrus fruits are sent for packaging and distribution to ensure freshness and fragrance.

Campisi Citrus factory

Gentle processing

All products are collected and packaged in the warehouse of c.da S. Teresa Longarini in Siracusa.
The headquarter consists of a 10,000 sqm factory covered in solar panels.
Indeed, Campisi Citrus strongly believes and continuously invests on sustainability.

processed citrus fruits

…but also transformation

Citrus fruits are hand-picked and immediately sent for packaging and distribution to guarantee the freshness of the final products.

The combination of a gentle processing system and the natural deep-freezing keep the fragrance and organoleptic properties of our citrus fruits unchanged.

Our certifications

The entire OPAC Campisi’s production has shifted to organic since 2002

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