100% Juice

NFC Frozen, Concentrated and Pasteurized

Citrus and fresh fruits juices

Our juices come from citrus and other fruits grown and packaged in Sicily. They are ideal to drink or to be used in various recipes, such as ice-cream, soft drinks, cocktails and food.

NFC Frozen, Concentrated and Pasteurized


Available in 500 gr, 1Kg, 10Kg, 24Kg, 200Kg

Siracusa Lemon
PGI juice
Organic Siracusa Lemon PGI juice
Sicilian Blood Orange PGI juice
Organic Sicilian Blood Orange PGI juice
Blonde Orange juice
Organic Blonde Orange juice
Ciaculli Tangerine juice
Organic Ciaculli Tangerine juice
Clementine Orange juice
Organic Clementine
Orange juice
Pink Grapefruit juice
Organic Pink
Grapefruit juice
Lime juice
Organic lime juice
(Origin: Calabria) juice
Organic Bergamot
(Origin: Calabria) juice
Watermelon juice
organic Watermelon juice
Strawberry Puree
organic Strawberry Puree
Pomegranate juice
Organic Pomegranate juice
Edited by Luigi Perrucci

Citrus fruit of Sicily